As a member of the pet business community, I am sure you have noticed how our industry has been busy consolidating into a few large players. For those of us committed to small, independent shops, it is becoming important that we support each other to ensure we all thrive. Hence we at In Dog We Trust Collegiate are launching a new initiative with the goal of bringing all of our customers together. We are creating a space for us to share challenges and best practices, and to grow our businesses together. Below we outline our new program, created with you in mind.

Marketing Tips

We have partnered with a marketing firm to provide you with monthly articles on marketing best practices. They have thrived by focusing on growing small businesses and have 11 years in the pet industry. Our partners understand your challenges and can help you attract and retain customers. Keep an eye on your inbox for our enewsletters with their useful tips.

Industry Happenings

It should come as no surprise that we love the collegiate licensed pet product market. That means we keep an eye on what the rest of the football fan industry is doing to promote their products. We see great opportunities for pet boutiques to participate. In our monthly enewsletter we will keep you up-to-date on the latest promotions so your furry customers can play along too.

Peer-to-Peer Communications

Running a business often means never having time to connect with others in your industry facing the same challenges. Since many of us are already on Facebook, we decided to make connecting with your peers easier by starting a private Facebook group. By joining, you will have easy access to our other pet boutique customers from around the country. It will be a private space to ask questions, share best practices and learn from your counterparts. Click here to join the group!

We have been a part of the pet industry for 14 years and have created lasting relationships with many wonderful small businesses like you. We are committed to your success as well as our own and believe that by working together we can help ensure we all continue to thrive. We hope you will find our new initiative beneficial to your store!




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